Gordon Alexander Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Education, Relationship, Career, TV Shows & Movies, Net Worth

Gordon Alexander’s Bio

Gordon Alexander is an English actor known for films like “The Accidental Spy” (2001), “No Time to Die” (2021) and “Lift” (2024).

Gordon Alexander Age

Details of his birthplace and birthdate are under review and will be updated soon

Gordon Alexander Height and Weight

He is approximately 6 feet (183 cm) tall and weighs around 82 kg.

Gordon Alexander’s Family

Hailing from Edinburgh with Scottish roots, Gordon belongs to a family with a rich legacy of gifted musicians and entertainers, with the renowned Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg being among the most notable. Gordon’s early years were significantly influenced by his Grandfather, George Milne, a pivotal figure in his childhood. Serving as a percussionist in both the BBC Scottish Symphony and the National Scottish Orchestras, George Milne inspired and guided Gordon to continue the family’s musical tradition.

Gordon Alexander Education

Recognized by his school drama teacher for his playful antics, Gordon received encouragement to join drama classes. At the tender age of eleven, he took the stage for the first time in the school production of “Aladdin”, igniting his enthusiasm for acting.

Alongside his theatrical pursuits, Gordon demonstrated prowess in sports, discovering martial arts at the age of eight. His physical aptitude led to numerous British titles in Kung Fu, and he later earned a spot on the GB Wushu squad. Following university, he ventured to Beijing, China, dedicating several years to honing his martial arts skills. His talent caught the eye of key figures in the Chinese film industry, propelling Gordon into the role of an action actor alongside renowned Asian luminaries such as Jackie Chan.

Gordon Alexander in the film Jack Reacher

Gordon Alexander’s Relationship

Alexander’s relationship status and love life details are under review and will soon be updated.

Gordon Alexander’s Career

In 2002, director Christopher Renshaw, known for his work on Broadway’s “The King & I,” enlisted Gordon Alexander to choreograph fights and action sequences for the globally acclaimed Queen musical “We Will Rock You“.

Driven by his passion for acting, Gordon returned to the theatre after gaining experience on stage and participating in a theatrical production tour in Italy. Subsequently, he secured the lead role in the 2004 film “The Purifiers,” starring opposite Kevin McKidd, marking the beginning of a series of film roles.

Given Gordon’s remarkable blend of physical and acting prowess, coupled with the growing demand for physical actors, he decided to pursue stunt training. After meeting the requirements, he successfully joined the UK Stunt register. This opened doors to stunt-double for prominent Hollywood actors, including portraying Daniel Craig as Bond in the 2015 film “Spectre,” providing an opportunity to closely observe and study some of the world’s most renowned actors.

Armed with a wealth of experience, Gordon shifted his focus back to his acting passion. Following a notable performance as Dr Josef Novak in the Chinese co-production “Somewhere Only We Know” (2015), he went on to feature alongside Tom Cruise in the 2016 instalment of “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back“. Subsequently, he appeared in “Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle” (2017) and “Final Score” (2018) with Dave Bautista. Additionally, Gordon took on the role of Commander Quex Ul in the Syfy series “Krypton,” (2018-2019) produced by American DC Entertainment.

Gordon Alexander TV Shows and Movies

Some of his notable works include;

  • “The Accidental Spy” (2001)
  • “The Purifiers” (2004)
  • “Sucker Punch” (2008)
  • “Don’t Let Him In” (2011)
  • “Kingsman: The Secret Service” (2014)
  • “Somewhere Only We Know” (2015)
  • “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” (2016)
  • “Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle” (2017)
  • “Final Score” (2018)
  • “Mission Impossible: Fallout” (2018)
  • “The Courier” (2019)
  • “No Time to Die” (2021)
  • “Lift” (2024)

Gordon Alexander’s Net Worth

Specific estimates on Gordon Alexander’s net worth are not widely reported, though it’s being reviewed and will be updated soon.

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